Book Review – Prayer: Conversing with God

Prayer: Conversing with God

Author: Rosalind Rinker

Publisher: Zondervan, revised ed. 1986; 128 pages

Subject: Prayer.

Someone recommended this book to me many years ago, and it revolutionized my own personal prayer life. God was no longer someone I talked at in prayer; He became a Person that I talked with in prayer. The book is based mainly on the meaning and content of the verses in Matthew 18:19-20. The author knows firsthand that group prayer has lost its meaning for many Christians.

Rinker opened her preface by saying, “I have discovered that prayer’s real purpose is to put God at the center of our attention, and forget ourselves and the impression we are making on others.” Praying conversationally “makes prayer such a natural means of ‘spiritual togetherness’ that the healing love of God touches us all as we are in His presence. Meeting the Lord in this way brings us to the anticipated realization of what it means to be consciously with Him, and to belong to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Prayer is:

  • being in God’s Presence
  • a dialogue between two people who love each other
  • the beginning of a new relationship
  • conversation in everyday language

Prayer: Conversing with God is an inspiring and quick read. Since most of the content is autobiographical, it is also an engaging read.

I believe this treasure should be read by every Christian, especially those who are learning how to pray. This book is also an excellent book for a prayer group to read and/or study together. When someone asks me to recommend a book to deepen his or her prayer life, this is one of the first two I mention. (The other is The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.)

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